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10 Fantastic Reasons to Exercise (that have nothing to do with your appearance)

by: Hire Direct Sales on

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best – particularly in those Facebook pics your friends keep posting – but there are so many other great reasons to workout which have nothing to do with what you see in the mirror and your body will love you for it! Here are a few of our favourites...

  1. Helps with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate and increasing insulin sensitivity

    We all know that exercise will help with loosing those unwanted kilos but there’s more to the story than most of us know. Firstly, exercise increases your resting metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories even when you’re not working hard on your cross trainer. Also, improving your fitness will increase insulin sensitivity. In fact, a single bout of moderate intensity exercise on a treadmill can increase glucose uptake by at least 40%! Why does this matter? Well, your insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism are directly correlated to your body composition. Increasing your insulin sensitivity and therefore improving your body’s ability to efficiently use glucose will help you in your battle to lose fat.
  2. Improves your mood and outlook on life

    There’s nothing better than the energised, cloud-9 feeling you get after an awesome cardio workout. Yes, you’re probably also exhausted but you feel great! It’s no coincidence that you feel amazing – it’s Mother Nature’s way of ensuring that you keep your commitment to your exercise bike. Not only does she release feel-good chemicals like dopamine into your brain, but she also allows physical activity to burn up stress chemicals like adrenaline. Very clever! Mother Nature also looks after her sisters throughout their childbearing years, right through into Menopause.  Exercise has been shown to assist in reducing Depression during and after pregnancy and has also been shown to treat physical and emotional premenstrual symptoms.  Several studies have also shown that aerobic exercise can improve both Depression and Insomnia during Menopause.

  3. Improves Self Esteem

    Actively taking responsibility for your health is very empowering. Also, how will you know just what your awesome body is capable of if you don’t push it? Just knowing the amazing physical feats that your body is capable of gives you an incredible confidence boost.  And you don’t even need to leave home to get started – hiring or buying a cardio machine is an excellent way to learn just what your body is capable of.

  4. Improves energy levels and sleep better

    Researcher boffins at the University of Georgia found that sedentary  adults who did as little as 20 minutes of low-to-moderate exercise on something like a treadmill, 3 days a week for 6 consecutive weeks, reported feeling more energized. One study in 2006 even showed the average effect of regular exercise was greater than the improvement from using stimulant medications. Scientists think that the increased energy levels come from enhancing your blood flow which carries more oxygen and nutrients to you muscle tissue. And as for sleep, exercise is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep patterns. Just remember to avoid exercising too close to bedtime as exercise can leave you feeling rather stimulated and awake.

  5. Reduces aches and pains

    As well as improving your body’s pain threshold, exercise keeps your muscles toned and strong and your joints flexible which goes a long way towards preventing aches and pains. Limiting your movements can weaken muscles, compounding joint trouble, and affect your posture, setting off a cascade of further problems.

  6. Reduces your risk of health conditions and diseases

    Is heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis or cancer a problem in your family? Engaging in regular exercise, along with filling your plate with a wide selection from the beautiful bounty offered by Mother Nature, can be the best prescription on the market. The cost involved in getting your hands on some quality exercise equipment pales into insignificance when you consider the enormous financial strain that medical bills can place on a family. Be sure to invest in yourself rather than the Pharmaceutical industry!

  7. Put a spark back in your sex life

    Are you too tired or feel too self conscious to enjoy physical intimacy with your partner? Just 30 minutes a day on a cross-trainer will not only leave you feeling more energized and confident but will likely put a bit of spice back into the bedroom as well!

  8. Strengthens your immune system

    ‘Tis the season for colds and flu and what better way to give your immune system a boost than to jump on your exercise bike and go for broke! Scientists don’t really know how exercise strengthens the immune system but theories include:
    • Physical activity may help flush bacteria from the lungs, exercise sends antibodies and white blood cells through the body at a quicker rate;
    • Temporarily raising the body temperature may prevent bacterial growth;
    • Exercise slows the release of stress-related hormones and stress increases the chance of illness.

    Whatever the reason, there’s no excuse not to get your treadmill pumping!

  9. Strengthens your memory

    Exercise improves your brain’s ability to concentrate, remember, visualize, plan ahead, and solve problems. This is because a fitter body supplies more oxygen to your brain. In fact, a new study of young adults from the journal ‘Behavioral Brain Research’ found that a single session of aerobic exercise resulted in higher blood levels of hormones that are associated with a strong memory. All you have to do now is remember to call us on 1300 550 866 so that we can get you started on the road to improved brain function!

  10. Reach your potential

    You’re not at your best if you’re body is carrying around extra fat – it can make you feel tired, unattractive and sick. And if you have always carried around extra fat or if you have done so for a long time, it can be difficult to imagine another way of life. Simply put, when you’re body is healthy, you’re a better version of YOU, and this physical transformation can also help improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

We wish you all the very best on your journey to fitness and health. And, if you’re interested in buying or hiring quality home fitness equipment, whether it be a treadmill, an exercise bike or even a cross trainer, we’d love to hear from you - contact us or call us on 1300 550 866. We are market leaders in hiring the latest fitness equipment delivered DIRECT to your door (FREE delivery to Melbourne and Gippsland).


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