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10 Reasons to Ditch the Gym Membership & Exercise at Home

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For most of us, our 2014 New Year’s Resolutions have now been long forgotten.  But, never fear, while it may not be the start of 2015 just yet, we are at the start of the new Financial Year and that means we have another chance to prove to all of those naysayers that we can in fact stick to our New Year’s Resolutions.

For a lot of people, high on the Resolutions list is to lose weight and gain fitness. And so, you may be seriously considering a gym membership to help you achieve your goals. But beware – being coerced into a gym membership by slick marketing techniques can be a costly and time wasting mistake. Read on for some reasons why exercising from home is not only cheaper, but may also be a more effective way to reach your weight and fitness goals.

  1. Exercise when you want, for as long as you want. 

    There’s nothing worse than arriving at the gym after a long day at work, full of motivation, to be faced with a full car park. Then, once you eventually find a park, walk forever to reach the gym through an eerily dark car park, and once inside, realise that you have to line up to use your favourite piece of equipment. By this time, your motivation is waning and you’re faced with the very real possibility that the equipment you are about to use is covered in a stranger’s sweat and you are restricted to using it for just 10 minutes. Enough said!

  2. Motivation excuses are a lot harder to justify.

    It’s a lot harder to make excuses about not getting to the gym if you only have to walk into the next room at a time that suits you and as an added bonus, you can wear whatever you like.  Plus, those with home gyms tend to stick to their exercise plans longer and are more likely to reach their fitness goals than those with gym memberships.

  3. Play your kind of music.

    Those who frequent gyms will be very familiar with the standard ‘doof-doof’ that assaults their ears as soon as they walk through the doors.  At home, you can exercise to the sound of your own tunes or even watch a bit of telly - whatever keeps you motivated and interested.

  4. You don’t have to make an ongoing financial commitment to anything that you’re not 100% comfortable with.

    It’s no coincidence that your average gym sales employee is an attractive, fit individual who is extremely charming and skilled in the art of persuasion; they want your money and they want it for the long term.  They don’t care about your ongoing financial situation – as long as it somehow involves them. And perish the thought that your life changes in some way and you need to either cancel your contract or take a break. Some female-only gyms will even charge a ‘hold’ fee if you need to take a break due to pregnancy – in other words, you’re still paying for a service that you are not even using.

    An excellent alternative is to engage a company like who ensure that you have the quality fitness equipment that you want under extremely flexible terms – including no deposit, short or long term, hire or TRY-BUY, free delivery – all under no obligation. Flexible exercise equipment hire or purchase terms mean that you are in control of how much you spend and for how long you choose to spend it.
  5. You can be yourself.

    Some people may be shy or may feel self conscious working out, particularly if it’s been a while between exercise sessions.  Not to mention that exercising at home means not having to exercise next to that one woman who is always impeccably dressed in the latest designer gym gear and looks fabulous no matter how hard she works! Also, at home, no one will disturb you and because you are comfortable in your own surroundings, you can remain focussed for longer, making your workout more effective.

  6. No need to travel.

    Petrol prices continue to sky-rocket, adding to our ever-growing cost of living. And for many people, the time it takes to travel, combined with the frustration of battling even more traffic, is just another barrier to exercise.

  7. It’s far more hygienic at home.

    Hygiene is so important, particularly during these Winter months, and the risk of you catching something from your fitness equipment is greatly reduced when the only people using it are those you live with. Also, there’s nothing worse than using a piece of gym equipment that you know has been sweated on or sneezed all over by the previous user. Yuck!

  8. No pushy sales people.

    In the relaxed sanctity of your home, there is no pumped-up individual encouraging you to ‘sign up to our 8 session PT special’ or sending you annoying text messages wondering where you have been for the last 3 weeks.

  9. Saves you money.

    If you choose to purchase your gym equipment, the initial outlay may be significant but it will cost you far less than a gym membership in the long run. If you choose to hire gym equipment, the cost becomes very manageable (sometimes under $10 per week) and some companies like offer TRY-BUY terms on a huge range of quality exercise equipment which, if you choose to buy at the end of the hire period, allows you to deduct the amount paid for the hire period from the product’s buy price.  Besides that, home gyms last for years and you can tailor your gym equipment to your individual fitness needs and goals.

  10. For Mums, it can be difficult to get to a gym.

    In order for a Mum to get to the gym, she must first find the time and then find someone to look after the kids.  And even if the gym does have a crèche, you have to fit in with their schedule, not to mention that there is usually a fee on top of your membership – just another expense. Many Mums who work-out at home also say that their kids love being involved in their work-out and that it provides an excellent opportunity for the kids to be entertained while keeping fit.

We wish you all the very best on your journey to fitness and health. And, if you’re interested in buying or hiring quality home fitness equipment, whether it be a treadmill, an exercise bike or even a cross trainer, we’d love to hear from you - contact us or call us on 1300 550 866. We are market leaders in hiring the latest fitness equipment delivered DIRECT to your door (FREE delivery to Melbourne and Gippsland).


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