Owners Manuals

User manuals. assembly guides. Instruction manuals. For Fitness equipment.

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Commercial Fitness Equipment

Matrix Fitness

Matrix T5x owners manual

Matrix E5x Owners Manual 

Matrix E5xc (compact) Owners Manual 

Matrix I5x Incline Compact Crosstrainer Owners Manual

Matrix U5x Upright Bike Owners Manual 

Matrix R5x Recumbent Bike Owners Manual 

Matrix H5x Hybrid Bike Owners Manual

Matrix S5x Stepper Owners Manual

Matrix MX ROWER Owners Manual 

Matrix E Series Spinner Bike Owners Manual

Matrix S Series Spinner Bike Owners Manual 

Vision Fitness

Vision T9800 Treadmill Owners Manual 

Vision T9700 Treadmill Owners Manual 

Vision E3800 Upright Bike Owners Manual

Vision R2850 Upright Recumbent Bike Owners Manual 

Johnson Fitness

JOHNSON JAR-5100 Rower Owners Manual 

JOHNSON JAR-6000 Rower Owners Manual

JOHNSON W7000 W8000 Rower Owners Manual

JOHNSON T8000PRO Treadmill Owners Manual

Startrac Fitness

StarTrac NXT Spinning Spin Bike Owners Manual 


Home Use Fitness Equipment

Horizon Fitness

Horizon Comfort 5 bike Owners Manual

Horizon Comfort R Recumbent Owners Manual

Horizon Andes 6 Crosstrainer Owners Manual

Horizon Excell 207 307 407 Crosstrainer Owners Manual

Horizon Endurance 3 Crosstrainer Owners Manual

Horizon Endurance 4 Crosstrainer Owners Manual

Horizon Ultra-100 Treadmill Owners Manual

Horizon Ultra-200 Treadmill Owners Manual

Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill Owners Manual

Horizon Oxford 2 Rower Owners Manual

Horizon Oxford 4 IV Rower Owners Manual

Tempo Fitness

Tempo T3200 Treadmill Owners Manual

Tempo T4200 Treadmill Owners Manual

Tempo U2200 Upright Bike Owners Manual

Tempo U3200 Upright Bike Owners Manual 

Proteus & Jetstream Fitness

Proteus PEC-1715 Magnetic Bike owners Manual

Proteus PEC-2030 series Magnetic Bike owners Manual

Proteus PEC-4250 series Magnetic Bike owners Manual

Proteus PEC-4950 series Recumbent Bike owners Manual

Proteus Jetstream 10kph Treadmill Owners Manual

Proteus Jetstream 16kph Treadmill Owners Manual

Proteus Jetstream 16kph Treadmill Incline Owners Manual

Proteus EEC-1550 5550 Elliptical Owners Manual 

Proteus EEC-1850 Elliptical Owners Manual

Proteus EEC-3000 series Elliptical Owners Manual 

Proteus ISS-500 Stepper Owners Manual 

Proteus Jetstream Magnetic Rower Owners Manual 

Other Fitness Equipment



Caring for the Environment

Hire Direct is minimizing its impact on the environment by recycling more than 90% of our waste. 

Please consider the environment before printing any of the manuals.

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